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If you are an entrepreneur with a new invention and would like puncture proof tyres created to suit your design. Contact us we can help.

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International Sales

Greentyres can be shipped worldwide. Postage costs vary but typically 2 tyres to the East Coast USA will cost US$92, Australia AUD$99, France 26€, Italy 28€. UK Shipments are at a fixed rate of £10.95.

Payment can be made by bank transfer, credit card, pay pal or international money order.

Greentyres can be bought direct from the company by completing the enquiry form below.

Fitting Greentyres correctly is essential to ensure correct performance of the tyres.

Greentyres are made to fit specific rims. Before requesting tyres ensure that you have the correct size of tyre by checking the tyre the Greentyre is intended to replace. Additionally please check the rim size to ensure the tyre seats into the rim correctly. Please refer to the fitting information if in any doubt before contacting the company.

Your enquiry will be dealt with within 24 hours during the normal working week, excluding public holidays and Saturdays and Sundays

For UK residents:

Technical Department

Greentyre Technical,
Riverside Park Road,
TS2 1UU,
United Kingdom

Despatch Enquiries

Telephone: +441642 353492

Vat Nº: GB 875358579


Greentyre House,
Simcox Court,
TS2 1UU,
United Kingdom

General Enquiries

Telephone: +441642 223322

Fax: 01642 223313

Why Choose Greentyre?

  • They are maintenance free
  • They never let you down
  • Even if you don't use your bike for 10 years you can go back to it and use it immediately without the need to add air
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