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If you are an entrepreneur with a new invention and would like puncture proof tyres created to suit your design. Contact us we can help.


Q. How do Greentyres work?

Greentyres are produced from one piece of micro-cellular polyurethane. There's no inner tube, only millions of tiny air cells that give Greentyres a comfortable and puncture free ride.

Q. How do I know which tyre fits my rims?

Look at your current tyres and make a note of the numbers printed on the sidewall. There are usually 2 units of measurement; the standard size i.e. 26 x 1 3/8 and an ISO size i.e. 37-590 Remove the tyre and measure the space in between the beads. That gives you your rim fit. Then go to our tyre page and see if we have a tyre that fits.

Q. Are Greentyres difficult to install?

Greentyres are easier to install than regular bike tyres. There is no need to heat our tyres or use lubricant. We supply a fitting kit complete with a Greentyre lever and cable ties to make fittting easier. We can supply a fitting kit.

Q. Can Greentyres be used for cars?

No, Greentyres are not for highway use. All non-pneumatic tyres are subject to different regulations.

Please contact Greentyre if you have any additional queries.

Why Choose Greentyre?

  • They are maintenance free
  • They never let you down
  • Even if you don't use your bike for 10 years you can go back to it and use it immediately without the need to add air
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