Have you got an idea

If you are an entrepreneur with a new invention and would like puncture proof tyres created to suit your design. Contact us we can help.

Entrepreneurs /Inventors

If you have a business idea or an idea for a project and you want to get some expert advice then Greentyre boast a team with a proven track record in design, innovation and bringing new products to market.

We have developed not only wheels and tyres for various clients over the years but also unique plastic components from integrated lighting systems moulded into PU, moulded over inserts for children's safety equipment, medical aids, pets toys and even coffin handles.

We are prepared to enter into Non-Disclosure Agreements with clients to give piece of mind.

Our core expertise is in

  • Design
  • Prototyping
  • Tool manufacture
  • Overseas sourcing
  • Supply chain management

Greentyres are available to purchase direct from our sales line 01642 223322 or by email using 'contact us'.

Why Choose Greentyre?

  • They are maintenance free
  • They never let you down
  • Even if you don't use your bike for 10 years you can go back to it and use it immediately without the need to add air
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