Have you got an idea

If you are an entrepreneur with a new invention and would like puncture proof tyres created to suit your design. Contact us we can help.

Greentyre Awards

Greentyre have been the proud winners of many awards over the years, including:

  • The Journal - Evening Gazette
    Best new product service Award - Sponsored by Barclays
  • SMART funding
    Innovation award winner DTI
  • Evening Gazette
    Tees Valley Best new product Service Award - Sponsored by Barclays
  • Investor in people
    Tees Valley Tec March 2000
  • Trade Partners UK
    Export Award for small Businesses 2000
  • Evening Gazette
    Tees Valley Export Award - Sponsored by UK Trade and Investment Winner
  • The Journal - Evening Gazette
    Export Award - Sponsored by UK Trade and Investment Winner
  • Barclays Business achiever
    November 1998
  • Teesside Business Awards 1994
  • Teesside Business Awards 1993
    Manufacturing Design Technology Award

Why Choose Greentyre?

  • They are maintenance free
  • They never let you down
  • Even if you don't use your bike for 10 years you can go back to it and use it immediately without the need to add air
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