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Date: 06/05/2013 | Reviewer: tyred

"Easy to fit, goes round, and presumably wont go flat! What more could one ask?"

Date: 17/04/2013 | Reviewer: gmgrandad

It worked for me
"I had a flat tyre on the wheelbarrow I've been using for years. Saw the ad for the flat free tyre and bought it 'Reserve & Collect' - very efficient.
Quite a problem getting the old wheel off: one of the bolts holding the axle in place was very hard to remove, needed spanner and monkey wrench. Once the old wheel was off, the new wheel and tyre fitted fine."

Date: 05/12/2012 | Reviewer: sparrow7

Good Buy
"Excellent replacement tyre.Unfortunately the axle on my Chillington barrow did not pop out,I had to brutalize the plastic hub to remove it.I finally succeeded after an hour.Fitting the new wheel was easy.I recommend this product."

Date: 11/10/2012 | Reviewer: cmef

A 5 Star Product all round
"Five stars (although computer won't let me put the 5 stars in) all round. Good product which is both sturdy and with spacers a very good fit for my wheelbarrow. Easy to fit. Have not had it long but it looks as if it will last for ages......and when the wheelbarrow is no longer useable the Flat free tyre can be recycled. I'm impressedand so will you be! Cost also fair as locally a similar product was priced at double what I paid."

Date: 16/05/2012 | Reviewer: AnyOldNickname

Good Idea
"Does the job."

Date: 12/05/2012 | Reviewer: Perranlady

Why call it GreenTYRE
"This is not a tyre - it is a wheel and tyre ! If I had not read previous comments where this was mentioned I would have been far too concerned about fitting a tyre onto a wheel and bought the B&Q spare wheel for my wheelbarrow instead.
It was easy to fit and will hopefully last so much longer than the pneumatic tyres which keep puncturing."

Date: 24/03/2012 | Reviewer: salthepal

A 5 Star Product all round
"I bought one of these for my wheelbarrow a few months ago and have just bought another one for my husband's barrow as he was suffering from frequent punctures and nicking my one.
If only newly purchased wheelbarrows had these on as standard, life would be so much easier ...... I love it - go on and treat yourself!"

Date: 01/03/2012 | Reviewer: Tptman

Good Idea
"It took about 5 minutes to fit, compared with a long tedious process to remove the inner tube for repairing, so I reckon it is a wortthwhile purchase."

Date: 11/02/2012 | Reviewer: Smarty1

Wheely good
"Bought 2 & both fitted well even though they were different types of barrow.
Just enough softness, better than a solid rubber one.
Glad to know I don't need to bother with the puncture repair kit anymore."

Date: 08/02/2012 | Reviewer: Crocko

"having hawthorne hedging, I was fed up with punctures, this will be the end of it."

Date: 17/01/2012 | Reviewer: Soozlum

I've wanted one of these for ages
"This was an excellent purchase, after having so many punctures in my wheelbarrow tyre, it was easy to fit and does the job perfectly. It's a standard 14" size and feels and acts like the real thing. My only thought is why on earth don't they fit these wheels to all wheelbarrows at the time of manufacture? Then none of us would have the problem of flat tyres!"

Date: 19/09/2011 | Reviewer: Tidiy

No Punctures
"Does what it says on the tin. After two punctures recently, and two new inner tubes later,( which B&Q did not stock locally which was very very inconvenient), this product has solved the problem."

Date: 17/08/2011 | Reviewer: Splasher

"nice and soft twice as strong"

Date: 08/07/2011 | Reviewer: Lollypooopppp

Just Brillant
"After a few to many punctures in my wheelbarrow tyre discovering the puncture proof tyre has saved my gardening and my back!!
With me having 2 wheelbarrow, one at home and one at my allotment i discovered that the tyres where different sizes. one a 14" that i purchased from B&Q and the other a 16" i called the company and they were ever so helpful i know have a pink punture proof tyre for my other barrow!
I would reccomend this product to anybody with a wheelbarrow!!"

Date: 18/04/2011 | Reviewer: Zoro

Green is great!
"excellent buy. All wheelbarrow tyres should be just like that when you buy them. This is an excellent investment. Highly recommended for those wheelbarrows which are going to outlast their tyres."

Date: 07/04/2011 | Reviewer: BobbyG1470

Brilliant purchase
"I must have had 10 punctures in my wheelbarrow tyre in as many weeks. I was fed up of constantly repairing the tyre. The puncture-proof tyre is brilliant, and I found it cheaper than many of the other puncture-resistant tyres on the internet.
Just a shame B&Q don't deliver this product and I had to make a 22 mile round journey to collect it!"

Date: 30/03/2011 | Reviewer: DarrenT

Good value purchase
"Good quality replacement tyre"

Date: 20/02/2011 | Reviewer: Barrowboy

Does what it says on the label
"A bit expensive but very easy to fit and a good wheel. Why can't all wheelbarrows have this type of puncture-proof tyre fitted as standard?"

Date: 11/10/2010 | Reviewer: Vamateur

Flat free tyre for wheelbarrows
"Seems great, fitted easily, adaptors included to fit most UK barrow agreed standards [who has tedious job of writing those and manning the committees that review them, useful though they are ?]
NOTE THIS PRODUCT IS A TYRE ON A WHEEL - if you've ever wrestled with Green Tyres for bikes you'll appreciate this

Date: 14/07/2010 | Reviewer: Pom1354

Great purchase
"fantastic buy. does exactly what it says on the tin, I went back and bought another for my second wheelbarrow"

Date: 10/03/2010 | Reviewer: Anonymous

Just what we needed - recommended
"The "Greentyre" is in fact a wheel and tyre. The tyre is made in England and appears to be a quality product that will last longer than the "Chinese 5 minutes" Overall diameter is just over 14". Hub width is 3" and with the bushes supplied can be 4". Hub axle diameter is 1" and the bushes will allow it to be reduced to 12mm. You might have to drill the bushes to get a size between 12mm and 1", but thats no problem.
I have walked around many B&Qs around the country looking for this product and never spotted it. Eventually with the help of an employee I managed to find it in Doncaster (hidden? outside)
I expect my long term tests will prove this product really worthwhile.
People often forget that it is in all our interests to buy British. I'm happy - Good one."

Date: 03/03/2010 | Reviewer: Hornchurch1

Good value for money
"The tyre does what it says on the packaging! I measured the tyre against the measurements of existing and the result was an easy exchange, perfect fit and has been trouble free."

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